"Wrong. I am a man."

When I posted an article with Jaffar of Fire Emblem, my thoughts were like this :

"-Why do I not find a woman ?
-You are worthless.
-Wrong. I am a man. Not worse than another one."

Maybe I am a better man than another one. After all :
  • I am a kind person ;
  • I dedicated my life to the development of renewable energies ;
  • I have written a novel against the ecological crisis ;
  • I have created a logo of the ideal electrical system ;
  • I fight capitalism, machism and other forms of oppression ;
  • I plan to write a novel called Omblio against the misery of the world.

The last time I went to the disco, a French woman dared to tell me something like this :

"We can feel you're frustrated, so we don't want you."

Did she ever think that it was a vicious circle ? I am frustrated, so women don't want me, so I get more frustrated, so women don't want me, etc ?

If I am worthless, maybe I should just kill myself and put an end to this.

But still... there is hope. I don't know why, and I think it's completely crazy, but I think there is a hope that I find a woman for love.

This article carries too much negative energy. To make a little balance, I add a video of Lindsey STIRLING.

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