Society standards

Oh, I could nearly put this article in my Sailor star blog...

So, societies have their own standards. What is outside of the standard makes opposition.
If a society has a 500 € usual wage and doesn't accept less than 1200 €, people will protest, walk in the street until the wage is above 1200 €.
If a society has a 500 € usual wage but accepts 200 €, managers will make the wages go down until 200 € or less.

You get it ? As long as time passes, the reality fits more and more to the society standard.

In France, we have very bad standards of communication. Things were different in the past : in the 1970s, you could talk to an unknown in the street without hurting this person. Now in the 2010s, among young French, it is considered standard to throw people away like kleenex.

Like friendship, true handerchief needs time and care. Actually, you need to wash it.

I am astonished to see how low are the social standards in France. People don't talk to each other. People don't spend time together. Besides, fascism is rising...

Make love, not war.

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