The reason why I left France

I am born in France and spent most of my life there. Some weeks ago, I decided to leave that country. It's more than a personal story.

In 2012, there was a local election in a place called Hénin-Beaumont. It was a very violent election. Marine LE PEN, the leader of the main extreme-right party, lost with just 49 % against the union of several strong left organizations.
In 2013, Clément MÉRIC, a young man in Paris, an antifascist, was killed by a group of fascists.
In 2014, in January, I went in a concert to help strangers. The fascists came and shot on us. Two people were hurt.
And on May 25th 2014, the winning party of the European elections was the Front National, a racist party.

Marine LE PEN, leader of the French nazi party Front National.

After that day, all became mad in France. People were shouting without any reason, drivers put their lights even in the day, the prices in the shops were less and less shown, really often they were wrong prices. There was a very bad feeling. Things started to change very fast, in a bad way.

Fascism is rising. Hate is rising.

About my personal situation, I realized that French women were not open-minded enough to love me. Besides, I didn't want to realize 30 years later that the French nuclear industry was too strong and that I wasted my efforts in trying to develop renewable energies in a country where people cannot be enthusiastic for anything.

A normal French makes much more efforts against something than for something.

I decided to travel all around the world. French people rejected me ? Fine. They shall fight Marine LE PEN without my help. Only my family and my true friends will remain in my heart.

Make love, not war.

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